Smart Mack-up Air Unit

OA Purifying


OA Purifying
Temp. and Humi. Control
Contaminations isolation
AMC Removal
Particular Filter Application
Smart ESCO Control
1.Pre-Air Washer (Particle Removal)
2.Bio Filter (90% Virus & Bacteria Suppression)
3.Pre-cooling (hot) Coil (AMC Removal Elevating)
4.AMC Air Washer (>90% Water-soluble AMC Removal)
5. Pre-cooling Coil
6. Re-Heating Coil
7.MAU Fan
8.Chemical Filter (VOC &MA/MB Removal)
9.HEPA Filter(99.97%@0.3um Particle)
ItemSpray / Nozzle Type Air-washerHigh-adsorption Clean Air-washer
Water Rate1,167lpm-4.0Kg/cm2170lpm-1.0Kg/cm2
Pump Power(HP)251
AMC Eff.NH4+ > 90%@ < 5ppbvNH4+ > 90%@ < 3ppbv
Pressure Loss80~100Pa40~80Pa
Specific surface area(m2/m3)115400
Iron outgassingNONO
Installation Cost(set/ratio)88%100%
Power Running Cost (ratio)100%4%
Advantage1.Lower expense of setting up than high-adsorption Clean washer.
2.Stainless steel Packing will not be a Amine clogged status happened.
1.The air is passed through wet-modal in long time, and provides perfect humidifying.
2.It is air contact area of water bigger than Nozzle type Air-washer, and removing AMC better than Pump-system.
3.low liquid-gas ratio, no pump with water circle, and low expense of operation.
Disadvantage1.Nozzle with the high-pressure forms water ring, so pump is high electric power and expense of operation.
2.Nozzle be a Amine clogged status will decrease removal efficiency.
1.The set cost is higher than Nozzle Type system.
2.Ion adsorption pad could be Amine clogged status.
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